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Mastering Precepting receives

AJN Book of the Year Award!

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Mastering Precepting:

A Nurse’s Handbook for Success (2nd ed.)

Nurse preceptors have the power and opportunity to inspire nurses to achieve greatness. Effective precepting programs depend on two critical groups: nurses who organize and manage the programs and nurses who support, teach, and coach. Beth Ulrich-nationally recognized for her research in work environments and transitional experiences of new graduate nurses-provides the knowledge, tools, skills, and wisdom both groups need for success.

Written for staff nurses, their managers, and educators, this second edition of Mastering Precepting: A Nurse’s Handbook for Success teaches preceptors both the science and art of precepting and empowers them to seek the support they need to be effective. For managers, it emphasizes the importance of providing nurse preceptors with positive and supportive experiences. For educators, it provides the information and knowledge required to develop and improve preceptor programs. This fully revised new edition covers:


  • NEW: Strategies and techniques for developing preceptors

  • NEW: Information on developing, implementing, and evaluating preceptor programs

  • NEW: Precepting advanced practice registered nurse students and new graduates

  • Roles, planning, goals, and motivation

  • Specific learner populations

  • Self-care and burnout precautions

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Mastering Precepting Receives AJN Book of the Year Awards!

We are honored to announce that Mastering Precepting received two AJN 2019 Book of the Year awards - 1st place in the Medical-Surgical Nursing Category and 3rd place in the Nursing Education/Continuing Education/ Professional Development Category.

The judge for the Medical-Surgical Nursing award said this about the book:

Being a preceptor is not for the faint of heart; exceptional preceptors require support, education, training, and practice. In the second edition of Mastering Precepting, author Beth Tamplet Ulrich expertly describes how nursing leaders can establish a preceptor program, support and develop their preceptors, and evaluate them to facilitate future growth. The text also provides comprehensive information for preceptors, including strategies for precepting various transitioning nurse populations, as well as managing burnout and providing self-care—essential aspects of the stressful precepting role! This text is a must read for those leading or educating nurse preceptors, in addition to those clinical experts who selflessly take on the role of preceptor.

• Addresses the unique considerations related to preparing transitioning advanced practice nurses for their new role— an often overlooked need. Ulrich provides valuable insight into this important task.

• Includes a specific guide to providing continual preceptor development training. This invaluable tool takes the guesswork out of training development and saves time for leaders and educators.

• Serves as a one-stop shop for preceptor stakeholders. From defining the preceptor role, discussing how adults learn and communicate, and detailing coaching principles, to addressing specific learner populations and leader roles in supporting preceptors, this text has it all.

The judge for the Nursing Education/Continuing Education/Professional Development Category said this:

Mastering Precepting addresses the core of nursing education: how preceptors teach and promote the art and science of nursing in the clinic, at the bedside, and in communities. Nurses precepting students or colleagues at any level will find this book to be an invaluable resource. It reviews classic and recent studies and theories regarding clinical learning and teaching approaches, including chapters on new instructional technologies and preceptee behavior. The book delves deeply into notions of competence and the development of the preceptor role for nurse educators and managers.

• Continuously reinforces the need to respect student individuality and dignity.

• Instructs readers on applying what they learned in prior chapters to the development of new preceptors and the reeducation of veteran teachers.

• Addresses the importance of self-care for those who teach, including an exploration of the pathways to self-care and the prevention of compassion fatigue.

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