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Mastering Precepting



Preceptors are the essential link between what health care providers are taught and what they do and between what they know and what they need to know.

Preceptors have the power and opportunity to inspire nurses and other health care providers to achieve greatness.

Effective precepting programs depend on two critical groups: those who organize and manage the programs and those who support, teach, and coach preceptors. Beth Ulrich and her team of expert contributing authors provide the knowledge, tools, skills, and wisdom both groups need for success. Written for staff nurses and other care providers, managers, and educators, this 3rd edition of Mastering Precepting teaches preceptors both the science and art of precepting and empowers them to seek the support they need to be effective. For managers, it emphasizes the importance of providing preceptors with positive and supportive experiences. For educators, it provides the information and knowledge required to develop and improve preceptor programs. This fully revised 3rd edition covers:

  • NEW: Developing a professional identity

  • NEW: The role and responsibilities of nursing professional development (NPD)

  • practitioners in developing, supporting, recognizing, and retaining preceptors

  • NEW: Preceptor competencies based on the ANPD national study

  • Self-care for preceptors

  • Information on developing, implementing, and evaluating preceptor programs

  • Precepting advanced practice registered nurse students and new graduates

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